Friday, January 7, 2011

About the Blogger

Hello, World! My name is Lea, I live in Provo, Utah and I am obsessed with homes! I am a Family Life Studies student at Brigham Young University. My field of study emphasizes interiors and the home which are my PASSIONS! I also have a minor in Communications, hence my love of writing, so I thought the perfect mix of all my interests would be a blog about homes. And Voila....HOME TRENDS UTAH.
First and foremost I would like to share with you some background info on myself. I am originally from a small town in southern New Jersey called Galloway Township. I lived there up until I came out to Utah to go to BYU. I think my east coast upbringing and my new found love for the west has cultivated my taste and is what makes my style so eclectic, I like to call it CONTEMPO CLASSIC. I love clean lines, rich woods, luxe fabrics, and details details details!
I am currently enrolled in real estate school to become an agent. The real estate market has always interested me because of the BUSINESS AND CREATIVE aspects of it. Business because you're dealing with big purchases for people in an extremely competitive industry. Creative because much of a buyers decision is based on aethetics, as well as the logical and financial factors. I am very excited to get licensed and start my work in the real estate industry to help people buy their perfect dream homes.
Through my formal education I have learned so much about the home and families. I always thought that this very valuable information should not only be available to those enrolled in a college setting. This information is LEARNING FOR LIFE, and I felt compelled to share what I have learned with the public. That is why I wanted to start this blog. To inform people on how to take control of your home life and make good decisions that will bless you spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.
So there is the short and sweet synopsis of me and why I wanted to start this blog. I hope you enjoy reading!

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