Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Natural Beauty: Working with Earth Tones

Selecting a color palette can sometimes be overwhelming! The possibilities are seemingly endless and it can be quite exhausting. Besides that, sometimes when you get the finished product done the colors just don't do what you want them to! So I wanted to investigate with you each week different ways that color can be used in a space so that you can develop your own personal taste for color schemes.

This week we are going to look at the way earth tones have been used in a variety of spaces. Earth tones are warm and relaxing, but if done in the wrong way can be rather dull. Each interior pictured has a different feel and appeal, yet a similar general color pattern is used. Let's take a look at some beautiful spaces

In this space deep chocolate browns are used along with creamier tan colors to create an interesting contrast between light and dark in this contemporary seating area.
This bedroom area uses tan bedding with a white canopy to add some romance to the typically more rugged earth tones.

This great room is the perfect example of the multifaceted nature of earth tones. Although the color scheme is rather monochromatic, the splashes of orange used around the room make the browns more vibrant and warm.

This is a bedding set in my apartment. The room is rather small and the walls are painted a deep tan color so I did not want my bedding to compete with the wall color. The background color of the pattern on the comforter is exactly the same as the wall color. The touches of orange, and more surprisingly grass green, help to make the set more fun and lively.

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