Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Views on Staging

I just got back from a weekend in Southern Utah for the St. George Area Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes is an annual event hosted by the home builder's association in the area to generate public awareness of the talents and accomplishments of local home builders and interior designers. Although I am not currently in the market for a home, I go to this event every year religiously! (Full post about what I saw at the Parade of Homes to come later this week).

So anyway, as I was walking through the homes I started to think about how smart the concept of staging is. People want to walk into a home and feel good! Staging creates an atmosphere of cleanliness, good taste, richness, and comfort; who doesn't love that! I strongly believe that staging can help to sell a home quicker and even at a better price. If you want to get an offer that is truly representative of what your home is worth you should consider staging. It will highlight the assets of your home and possibly distract from some of the downfalls. Staging is smart, and when I become a licensed realtor I will encourage my clients to do so.

Lea's Quick Tips for Staging Your Home:
1. Use what you've got.- Everyone has great pieces of furniture. Just make sure to highlight any exceptional pieces you own. It will add a more luxurious feel to your home. Using what you've got also applies to architectural features in your home. If you have an exceptionally large master bedroom, use it...accentuate it...highlight it! Same goes for high ceilings and fire places. Use staging to your advantage to make potential buyers see and notice what you what them to.
2. Anything that is highly custom or personal HAS TO GO!- That awesome collection of antique miniature horses that you absolutely love with all your heart is not going to make a buyer see how great your home is...in fact it will probably distract them from noticing good features. Also that custom paint job you had done in your basement to make it look like you're in a space ship, that has to go too. Invest wisely in a nice new coat of paint and you will be much better off. These things sound like common sense, right? Wrong! You'd be surprised by how many people try to show their home as is. Also removing personal pictures is a must. This sounds extreme but it will help make the home feel like the buyers new home and not your home.
3. Get Rid of ALL Clutter- Clutter makes spaces look smaller than they really are. Make sure that your house looks clean and organized prior to showing the home.

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