Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My favorite pattern...other than stripes!

I am obsessed with stripes. I wear them all the time and I think they're so quirky and fun, yet sophisticated. However, for the home my favorite patterns are Moroccan tile print and the quatrefoil. These patterns/shapes are very similar looking, but come from very different places. The quatrefoil hearkens back to the renaissance and Gothic eras of architecture. Obviously moroccan tile is inspired by the patterns of Morocco, which is a perfect place to gain inspiration from (so beautiful, bright, and fun). I love to mix these patterns in more traditional interiors as an accent. The geometric nature of these patterns contrasts with more traditional lines to make a more interesting look in the space. Here are some pics that I have collected. I plan on using these patterns on throw pillows in my home, maybe in the bedroom or living room.

Moraccan Tile Print


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