Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Post

Hey guys!

Quick update on my life/ what I'm loving right now in home design.

So, It's almost Christmas. Yay! Christmas is my favorite holiday which is so cliche but I don't care. I spent last Saturday putting up Christmas decorations with Nic and it was The pic is above. I am not a huge fan of colored lights but Nic thinks they're cool so I lost the battle on the garland but not on the tree. Nic already had the tree and ornaments and we just made a quick trip to Target to get new LED mini Christmas lights for the tree (and if you get LED lights make sure to get the warm color NOT the white. The white looks super weird). Can't wait to go to NJ tomorrow to help my sister Rae with her holiday decorating. While we're on the subject of Rae she just had a baby boy about 3 weeks ago. I am so excited to meet him! After work today I'm going to buy him lots of cute little boy stuff to take to New Jersey for him! He is my first nephew and will for sure be spoiled.

Mr. Jordan Cole Clinkscale (I could just eat him up!)
On the home front; one of my favorite past times is to drive around looking at homes. After exploring Alpine top to bottom this past Saturday with Nic we have decided that our dream home would be an Arts and Crafts style home with cape cod influences that had a killer view. Here is the closest thing I found to that home. Do yourself a favor and click on that link to go through the slide show. This was a Parade home last year and it was my absolute favorite.

I know this was a random post but hey, at least I actually posted something today!


  1. I have been loving craftsman style houses lately, myself. Either that or a restored farmhouse would probably be my dream house.

    And as for the Colored Christmas lights...get used to them! My dad instilled a love of colored lights into all of us. Christmas isn't Christmas without some colored lights somewhere! :)

  2. Krysta this made me laugh! The colored lights are growing on me; I'm sure by the end of the Christmas season I will love them!