Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Proposal Story

*Let me just start this post by saying that I didn't have my camera the night we got engaged! So you will have to deal with crappy iPhone pics and other random photos I found to create somewhat of a coherent story.*

December 21, 2011

I was at my parents house in St. George just hanging out. Nic had gone to Vegas for his company's annual Sales Kick Off and was due to come back home that night. I was planning on driving back up to Provo later that night but Nic told me he had a date planned so I packed up and left St. George at around 11 am.

I got to my apartment at Belmont, got ready, and then headed over to Nic's place at about 7. He was just getting done unpacking from Vegas when I arrived. He asked me where I wanted to go eat and I said I didn't care because I was starving. He suggested we just hop in the car and then we would decide on the way. (at this point I was wondering why he said he had a date planned if he clearly did not have plans!) Nic suggested that we stop and look at some Christmas lights on the way. We drove by some homes in Orem admiring the lights and talking about our future home and what Christmas decorations we want to put up (we're both obsessed with everything Christmas).

After driving around for about a half hour my stomach really started to rumble and I was wondering when we would finally get some dinner! Nic suggested Mcdonald's and I agreed since I was seriously starving, but then he said, "Well how about we go up to Sundance instead..." I enthusiastically agreed and we flipped the car around and started heading up Provo canyon. The scenery was beautiful as always. There are few places in Utah County that I love more than Sundance and the canyon. There was not very much snow since this year has been uncharacteristically warm but we still enjoyed breathing in the fresh mountain air.

We shared a delicious dinner at the Foundry (we both really love the Foundry, maybe even more than The Tree Room). We both got the filet and it was AMAZING. We caught up on things and laughed through dinner; we hadn't seen each other in 5 whole days which felt like an eternity! After dinner we went back down to Provo and got some hot chocolate. We drove around talking, looking at houses, and looking at more Christmas lights. We got back to Nic's house at about 11pm. As soon as we got there my heart kind of sank. All through the night I thought he was going to propose! There were so many opportunities and I had been waiting for him to do it for a while. I figured it wasn't happening that night, but I was still so happy to spend some quality time together after time apart.

Right as we were about to walk into the elevator Nic asked if I wanted to go check out the townhouse that he had an offer on in his neighborhood. It was a short sale and we weren't able to go inside of it yet so periodically we would peak in the windows to see if we could see more of the place (totally creepy I know, but we're pretty nosey). After spying on the townhouse we walked over to the trail by Provo River. We talked and cuddled up to each other (It was a really cold night). As we were walking back towards Nic's condo we crossed the wooden bridge over the river and Nic stopped in the middle.

This is the same bridge where Nic proposed (But this picture was taken a year before)

He said: "I have to ask you a questions."
I said, "What is it!"
He said, "What time is it?"

After giving him a puzzled look I looked down at my watch to see the time and as I looked down Nic got down on one knee pulled out the ring and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! I literally squealed, screamed yes, squeezed him, kissed him, and then gave him a playful slap on the chest for being so sneaky and trying to trick me! We basically skipped back inside to warm up. And when we got back into the building Nic had bought me the most gorgeous arrangement of red roses and had it waiting for me inside. By that time it was after midnight so we waited until the morning to announce our good news.

I am so happy that Nic decided to keep our proposal so private and low key. I had said to him tons of times I did not want some huge public gesture; it just seems so insincere. So he gave me exactly what I asked for. Now we have so many good memories in places that are dear to us and will always be close. The holiday season will always be especially happy for the two of us since it is the time when we got engaged.

Nic is an amazing man. I am always surprised that as I learn more about him the more amazing he becomes to me. He is so sweet, hilariously funny, brilliant, hard working, handsome, caring, and loyal. I could not ask for a more well-rounded and interesting person to marry. To me, he is truly the whole package!


  1. What a great engagement story- I agree, I think intimate and private proposals are best!! You guys are the cutest and I'm so excited for you!

  2. Very sweet and loving. Enjoy your engagement and prepare for a wonderful, happy life. Congratulations

  3. Okay, of all- sorry to be creepy. I don't really know you in real life, but I'm friend with Cara Grenny and I came across your blog on facebook and am now totally planning to stalk it. You are gorgeous and you two make a stunning couple!