Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House Hunting: Updates

The Tudor: As I'm sure you all could see from the picture this was a very unique home. The property was absolutely amazing. It was on close to an acre with a stream running along the edge of the back yard, huge mature trees, a basketball court, and a hot tub in its own house. Needless to say Nic and I do not need all of the space that this home had to offer and taking on the project of renovating a house that size was enough to make my head explode. I may love design but we are just not at the right point in our lives to take on a project that extensive. So that is why we decided to pass on the Tudor.

Alpine home on Silverleaf Lane: We have placed an offer on another home in Alpine. It is in a great neighborhood and is a great sized home for the price. It needs some updating for sure but it is all cosmetic and it would be fun to pick out things just the way we like it! We will find out this week if our offer will be submitted to the bank and after that it is just a matter of waiting for approval! The more I think about it the more I think this home would be a great choice for us. We might even renovate it and then put it back on the market...that's how great the price is! I'll be sure to post pics once we hear back from our agent.

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