Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Way to Hang Wall Decor

Now I may be an interior design enthusiast but hanging things on walls is not my specialty.  Measuring is also not my specialty.  I consider myself challenged in any area involving numbers and math. So for me to have perfected a fool proof way of hanging things is basically a miracle. This method is best used when hanging one or more objects but not something as varied as a gallery wall. Gallery walls requires a totally different approach, maybe I'll explain that another time.

Anyway, my project was installing matching mirrors above our bed. Our master bedroom is a good size but not exactly huge so I went with mirrors to open up the space instead of closing it in with a large portrait. Big mirrors can be crazy spendy. They ranged in price from $200 to $600 just looking around locally. I settled on getting more bang for my buck by purchasing 2 matching mirrors from TJ Maxx for $25 each.


1. Apply a strip of tape the full length of your object

2. Mark on the tape exactly where the hooks are. Most mirrors come with these lovely D Ring hooks that are incredibly annoying so it is important to know exactly where to drive your nail.

3. Next I measured from the top of the hook to the top of the mirror and from the hook to the bottom as well.  I wanted to know exactly where the top/bottom of the mirror would be so that I would hang it on the wall in an appropriate location and so that the mirrors would line up properly. (If you are using more than one frame/mirror measure each individually. One mirror I used had the hooks placed 1/3 inch different from the other.)

4. Place the tape on your wall where you want the object to go. Having the tape physically there helps you to visualize how it will look. Make sure to measure from the tape to the top/bottom of where the mirror will be. If everything is to your liking then you are about ready to hammer! But first use your level to make sure the tape line is straight.

5. Hammering is the fun part, obviously. Hammer your hook into the wall. If your hook mark did not land on a stud you need to use a reinforcer for heavy mirrors. Check that your hooks are level to each other. If they are then you're ready to remove the tape and hang! Simply pull the tape gently and it should rip off from behind the hooks.

Voila! Perfectly hung mirrors in the exact position you want them to be in. I hope this helps you to more efficiently hang your mirrors/ large frames. (Please excuse our bedding and lack of decor. This was the temporary bedding we settled on while I have been on a mad search looking for the perfect set. Once one room in our place is finalized I'll publish before and after pics!)


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