Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was an exciting year for the Leydsman family. We have made many amazing memories together and have recognized the blessings of Heavenly Father in our lives in so many different ways. Sometimes I sit in disbelief as I think about how my life has come together. I am happier than I could ever imagine and I have one amazing man to thank for wonderful husband Nic.

2012 marked the year that we became a family but lets not get ahead of ourselves in the events of the year. The year started out with my 23rd birthday on January 4th. We had a romantic dinner for two at Chef's Table.

January through April was pretty much a complete blur for both of us. It consisted of wedding planning, saving for the wedding, dieting for the wedding (which I totally cheated on and did not lose a pound), buying things for the wedding...just wedding mania in general. Here's a peak into some of that craziness.

 First time trying on my dress...before it was made modest

 The invitations before I put them together. This took hours. Nic was so sweet and helped me a lot.

 Checking out the venue for the first time.

Nic trying on his very handsome suit.

Now let's skip to April and finally it is time for the wedding!!! April 14, 2012 was the best day of my life. It was the most amazing spiritual experience I've ever had being sealed to Nic in the Salt Lake Temple. Then we had an amazing reception with our closest family and friends.  I'll spare you tons of wedding pictures I'm sure you've seen many of them.

After our wedding we went on our fabulous Honeymoon. This will always be remembered as my favorite vacation ever. 7 full days in Maui at the Four Seasons...can't beat it!

The summer was so fun. We spent that whole time in lovely newly wed bliss enjoying the hot weather and long days. 
In July went on a couple vacays. First we went to Grand Cayman. It was soo beautiful. You can read the full post here.

Then we went to Aspen Grove up in the mountains by Sundance for our family reunion. It was so great to meet so many of Nic's extended family members (on the Merrill side) and spend some quality time to get to know them.  And of course it was a blast to be with the whole Leydsman gang who came from all over the country!

Nic's 33rd birthday was August 11th. He had breakfast in bed, a relaxing day hanging out, and then we went out to dinner with friends.

In September we spent Labor Day with our great friends the Harrises in St. George. We also attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at The Grand America. Nic supported Mitt's campaign in every way that he could and he was disappointed when we lost the election. I wish I had something positive to say about the future of the Executive branch of our country's government but... I don't right now. Ask me again in 4 years.

In brighter news Nic started working a new territory at his job. He is now working New York, New York and New Jersey for Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite. He is loving the change and thinks this will be a very successful year.

I, I mean "we",  got a new car in October.  I said good bye to my little silver civic that I've had since I was 17 for my beautiful Mercedes ML350. I'm ready to load it with babies now. Nic on the other hand is not so ready for that haha

In November I went to Vegas with my sisters. It was such a fun trip. We ate at the most amazing restaurants and did some shopping. I love spending girl time with my sisters. We decided our sisters trip will be a yearly event!

We spent Thanksgiving with our families here in Provo. We had dinner at Sundance which was amazing as usual; especially because I did not have to cook or clean up after. 

The day after Thanksgiving we went to see the lights at Temple Square with my parents. This is by far my favorite holiday activity.

In December I found out that I was offered a position at Property Solutions. I work there as an Account Manager and I have loved it so far. I work with great people and our products kick butt so basically I see myself staying there for a long time. It was kind of sad to leave my job at Shield Protection since I had been working there for years but I am very excited to start my new career.

And to wrap up the year we spent our first married Christmas together. We had Christmas in Provo this year and spent the day with my sister Tai and her family and Nic's family.  It was a wonderful Christmas with so much to be grateful for. I am so thankful for the birth of my Savior and I love that the Christmas season is full of so much love.

We are very excited for 2013. The Leydsman's have some especially exciting news to share in the next few weeks so make sure to stop by for updates! (No, not a baby)

 Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Here's to 2013!

Our New Year's Kiss


  1. Loved this! You guys just radiate love and affection. I hope you stay in that "newlywed bliss" stage forever because it's so inspiring and sweet. Hope your 2013 is just as fab as your 2012! xo.

  2. Love Nicky with the beard so I guess I won't say a word about the swim trunks. You two are almost too cute together. I love seeing how happy you are.