Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

It has been a long, cold winter here in Utah. I am so excited for Valentine's Day for many reasons but especially because it signifies the coming of Spring. I wanted to add a pop of color to our home so I decided to throw together a quick Valentine's inspired floral arrangement for our family room end table.

Here are my tips for arranging fresh flowers like a pro!

1. Separate Sections for Each Flower with Tape: This allows the flowers to stay in place where you have situated them. The great part is that you cannot see the tape at all once the flowers are placed!

2. Make Sure to Measure: Measuring each stem to the appropriate length is key in creating a professional looking arrangement. Do not chop too much of the stem off immediately! It is always safer to cut a little off until you find the perfect length and then measure each subsequent flower to match.

3. Invest in Some Gorgeous Vases: Vases are a staple for any home. I guarantee you will use them more often then you think for many different reasons. I like to buy a lot of my glassware at TJ Maxx or Home Goods. I bought this vase for only $5.99. It was such a great deal I bought two!

4. Buy Whatever Flowers are on Sale: Fresh flowers can be pricey and I like to keep them in our home as much as possible. Try to buy whatever flowers are in season at the time or have been marked down. Flowers will look naturally gorgeous no matter what so you might as well get a good deal on them. Farmer's Markets are great for purchasing fresh flowers at reasonable prices. I wish we had more in Utah!

For tips on how to make your fresh flowers live longer click here

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  1. What a cute little arrangement! Keep the tips coming.