Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Design is in the Details

Details, details, details! Personal details are what take a room from looking standard and boring to an interior that is lively and fabulous. My boyfriend always tells me he "doesn't want to live in a museum," which I can totally respect. Your home should be...well... a home! It should feel warm and lived in, but at the same time have style and designer appeal. Well chosen details are what can make your home stand out from the norm. While at the St. George area parade of homes I saw some really creative and beautiful details both in the decorating and architecture of the homes. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.

Notice the texture of this tile. It almost looks and feels like fabric, it was very interesting. I like that it got away from the rustic look which is so popular here in Utah and introduced a more spa-like feel to the bathroom. I saw this same tile used on bathroom floors and walls in a number of the Parade Homes.

Make your own collage using your favorite prints. This is an inexpensive idea to fill up huge spaces of empty space on walls creating more balance and harmony. An important design element to remember is to use negative space (empty space) to your advantage. The lines of a collage create interest for the eye without getting too busy. I plan on doing a collage of skyscrapers and architectural details in my future home office.

Alternative materials for sinks.- I love the copper color (but kind of hate the granite and cabinets they chose so just ignore them!). Black is also a sleek alternative and of course stainless is classic (but can be boring). Another consideration is the type of sink to buy. This farmhouse style sink adds more drama by exposing more of the copper finish. I also love the texture of the sink.

Don't be afraid to be bold in your tile selection.- Granite and tile are great ways to show off your personality in your home. The variations in movement and color can make one type of tile give a completely different feel from another. Just try to stay semi mainstream. Granite and tile are expensive and if you are considering selling your home in the near future DO NOT do anything too extreme (it will turn buyers off even though you put in the extra effort of installing hard stone surfaces)

I just loved this wall piece. It is an antique door that they decided to highlight as a piece of art. I love the color and the vintage feel. Something like this really makes a statement and shows creativity.

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite design detail of the St. George Parade of Homes; this beautiful wood and tile inlay. In this home various rooms were connected to the great room by circular corridors with this lovely star inlay. Everyone that walked through the home commented on how original and stylish this was. I'd love a conversation piece like this in my dream home, possibly in the entrance. And let me just tell you, the hard wood floors in this home were spectacular. I prefer a darker wood (even though it is awful for cleaning, they show every speck of dirt and dust) because I like light walls and the contrast it creates.

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