Friday, October 21, 2011

Me from A to Z

Me and my honey in front of my favorite building in NYC, the Flatiron Building

I saw this on another blog and wanted to do it on mine because it seemed fun! Part of getting to know someones style is getting to know them. So here is a little insight into what makes me, me!

{A} Age – 22, yet I don't feel like I'm a day over 17. Seriously. I often think 2006 was "a couple years ago." Boy, where does the time go?
me when I was 17 with my friend Kayleigh, who I love!

{B} Bed - Currently Queen size; which is amazing considering my many years in a twin.

my bed
{C} Chores you hate –everything, other than dusting and vacuuming. I especially hate laundry and dishes.
{D} Dogs – Wish I had one. Unfortunately I will never have one because Nic is adamant about NO PETS. I have a feeling I can change his mind though :)

I love Pomeranians so much! They're so dang cute!

{E} Essential start to your day – good music while driving to work. Or hitting snooze a few times. Sometimes a diet coke...which is so sad to say but it happens from time to time.
{F} Favorite color –Black. Not kidding. The only other color I love is pink, yet I never get anything in pink anymore.
{G} Gold or silver – Both! I used to HATE gold, now I think it is very beautiful.
{H} Height – About 5’8" is what my driver's license says. But I'm really only 5'7" and a quarter inch
{I} Instruments you play – Used to play the piano and the flute for a little.
{J} Job Title - Call Center Manager at Shield Protection. Hoping that will change soon though, someone hire me pleaseee!!!
{K} Kids – None, obviously. But I would like to have 4!
{L} Live – in Provo, Utah
{M} Mother’s name – Lorraine

{N} Nickname – lea lea
{O} Overnight hospital stays – I got some weirdo virus when I was 8 and was in the hospital for weeks. The only things that saved me were many prayers, an amazing blessing from worthy priesthood holders, and a specialist from Children's Hospital in Philadelphia that flew in to treat me. My mom still brings up frequently how scary it was but I can't remember a thing from it.
{P} Pet Peeves – People that drive with their high beams on. Women that fake being nice; so annoying. Liars, embellishers, and wannabes.
{Q} Quote from a film – Anything from Clueless, Mean Girls, or Step Brothers.
{R} Right or left handed – Right
{S} Siblings –  I'm the youngest of three girls. I have two beautiful sisters Tai (30) and Rae (29)

{T} Time you wake up – Around 7:30 or 8, which is early for me
{U} Underwear- This is a very personal question. I say the smaller the better.
{V} Vegetable you hate- I actually like veggies. If there was one I hate I'd have to go with peas.
{W} What makes you run late- Picking out an outfit.I always have this amazing outfit in my head and all the tons and tons of clothes I have can't seem to correctly portray my vision and so I change 5 times before I settle on something. Any day where the first outfit I try on is what I end up wearing is a major accomplishment.
{X} X-rays you’ve had- My ankle. I fractured it playing basketball when I was in the 4th grade.
{Y} Yummy food you make- My favorite things to make are my spinach dip and stuffed mushrooms for the holidays. So yummy!
{Z} Zoo animal – Penguin!


  1. This was a fun read and u and ur sisters are gorgeous. I'm going to do this on my blog this week and link ya back.

  2. Thanks Miya! Can't wait to read your Me from A to Z post!

  3. How much do I love this post! Let me count the ways...