Thursday, February 2, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

I take a ton of pictures on my phone and then do nothing with them! They just sit there taking up memory space. So I finally uploaded them to my computer and I figured I'd post a few. The pics are super random but that's kind of what I like about it!

My oldest nieces, this pic has to be about 3 years old

My favorite Temple where we will be sealed!

We took a tour of the Conference Center rooftop gardens back in 2010

Pretty flowers Nic got me for graduation

My very sleepy niece Maya, this was from over the summer

Nic passed out on our bus ride back to Atlantic City from New York

A little welcome home present I made for my youngest niece Dylan

At my friend Evan's wedding

The Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress I got from the Rack for $70!!!!! It was like $400 full price

BYU basketball game the day after we got engaged

My sweetie!

I found a clone of my ring in Martha Stewart Weddings

My sister Rae and me, we look like twins here

My Mom and Dylan

My nieces at my favorite park growing up, Imagination Station.

Me on the swings at Imagination Station back in Jersey

Jordan, looking scared as usual

New hat I got from the Rack for our honeymoon for only $15! Gotta love the Rack

Wedding Shoes!

A Sunday drive up to the HGTV Dream Home

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