Friday, February 3, 2012

My 23rd Birthday

This post is a little overdue since my birthday was almost a month ago! Let me just tell you, having a birthday right after Christmas and New Year's is not the most fun. It usually gets over shadowed by the holidays and people being busy in general. I have spent my last 2 Birthdays with Nic and he has always tried to make me feel like it is a special day!

Last minute I decided to take the day off work so I met up with my best friend Cherilyn to go to lunch and shopping during the day. We had lunch at CPK and then headed over to Fashion Place mall to get our nails done and do some shopping. The nail salon was HORRIBLE. Never, ever go there....your shellac will be super think and peel off. Awful. But that didn't keep us from heading down to Nordstrom Rack and finding some awesome things. I got 2 dresses for the honeymoon, a maxi skirt for the honeymoon, a much needed new pair of black patent leather pumps, and a shirt for Nic (in order to get him to wear what I think is cute I have to buy it for him haha).

After that I went home and got ready for dinner with Nic. This year we wanted to spend my Birthday together, just the two of us. Nic surprised me with a dinner to Chef's Table and beautiful flowers. Dinner was beyond amazing. It was the perfect way to start out my 23rd year of life! Just me and the man that I love :) I couldn't even imagine feeling more blessed than I do right now!

My flowers from the Fiance

I got the Surf in Turf at Chef's Table. By far the best lobster I've had in Utah

I got this fortune cookie the day after my Birthday. Looks like I have a full year of good luck!

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