Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making an Entrance

The entryway is an incredibly important part of home design. For me, I want to feel a warm welcome when I walk through my front door. Imagine this... entering through stately double doors into a vaulted entryway complete with warm hardwood floors, a grand staircase, and furniture pieces and artwork which show your own person style and set the tone for the spirit of your home (excuse the run-on sentence!). That is my dream. Here are a few tips that I believe are crucial when decorating your foyer or front entry.

1. Start the design before you walk in the door. A wreath or decorative patio furniture makes the home more approachable and warm for your guests before they even step into your home. Wreaths are great because you can change them seasonally and really express your creativity. Porch furniture can be very charming and inviting.

2. Have your entry set the tone for your home. Is your home cozy and comfy? Is it elegant and upscale? Maybe, modern and minimalist? Decide what you want your house to look and feel like, then make sure to express that in your foyer.

3. Personalize! Let's be honest. A foyer is just a room used to get to other rooms. This being said, that's what makes the entry so important! I would like guests of my home to have their eyes travel around looking at interesting pieces and have that lead them into the rest of the home. Pieces of artwork that you love or your favorite chair can turn a foyer from a glorified hallway into an important space. I love the idea of having family portraits and gospel art Incorporated into the foyer, since those are such precious aspects of life.

4. Keep it Clean. There is nothing that I hate more than walking into a home and having your eye go straight to clutter, dirty dishes, or a messy kitchen table. Avoid having these things in the direct eye line of the front door. Kids also tend to walk through the door and just drop everything they have: book bags, shoes, coats, snacks, everything! Organizational drawers, baskets, and shelves are a must for a growing family. Or having a closet near by to keep everything hidden.
There are my ideas for the foyer! First impressions are everything so make sure to give the right one at your home. Enjoy your day and stop by tomorrow for Wednesday Wishes where I'll let you guys know whats been at the top of my wishlist for home, fashion, and just life in general.

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