Monday, September 17, 2012

My $31.98 Super Cheap Sunburst Mirror

 First of all let me apologize for the terrible iPhone photos. I originally was not going to post about this project but it turned out so cute I decided to show you all. I bought this metal sunburst mirror from TJ Maxx in Orem last week. I really did not like the color. Before Nic and I got married he chose a lot of dark colors for the decor and so everything I purchase now is trying to lighten things up. I've wanted a sunburst mirror for soooo long. See post here for my discussion of the trend a while back. Even though I really wanted a mirror like this they were just so dang expensive! The cheapest one I could find was $178. I decided to buy this cheap mirror from TJ Maxx and spray paint it silver like I wanted. I got Krylon Silver Metallic paint from Hobby Lobby for 5.99. The price of the mirror was 25.99 so my total was a crazy cheap $31.98!!!! It might not be perfect but it gives me the look I was going for at a fraction of the cost.

This is the original mirror.

I protected the mirror from paint dripping anywhere with paint tape.

I covered the remainder of the mirror with tin foil to protect from the spray paint. Super quick and easy and worked like a charm! Then I took it outside and sprayed it.

Here is the final product! Hung in our guest bathroom.

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